Sign of the Times

Many things that were once considered “traditional” are being reinvented before our eyes.  Not only are we seeing substantial shifts with the retiring baby boomers, but the brick and mortar way of doing business with onsite employees is giving way to a virtual workforce, allowing business to tap into streamlined expertise all over the globe.  Technology, innovation and a changing world has fueled a rapid evolvement of the way we work, and businesses are catching on to the savvy and affordable efficiency of Virtual Workers.

A recent article, How the Virtual Workforce Is Changing Everything in the Linux Insider asks, Why go to an office when you can do same thing at home?” It goes on to say, “Maintaining stores and spending time, energy and building costs all are part of the paradigm from the Industrial Age.” A growing number of companies and employees alike are making the transition to virtual work, as to what a ‘normal’ work day looks like continues to be re-defined.  With many businesses needing expanded talent in specific areas, and the much needed cost savings of paying only for work needed, many businesses are also realizing the complimentary blend of both onsite employees and Virtual Workers.  As a collaborative ally for overwhelmed offices or small businesses anywhere in the world, Virtual Workers are providing IT support, project and operational management, Social Media Marketing, extensive writing services, administration, graphic design, systems engineering, customer service and business consulting.

How do businesses compare between a full-time onsite employee doing a bit of everything, and a qualified Virtual Worker, focusing on specific tasks?  One appeal is that an employee’s traditional week can be streamlined into less hours of production time by a Virtual Worker.


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