Do You Have a Sustainable Flu Pandemic Plan for 2010?

Have you been effected by the flu this season?  What’s your plan for 2010?

The flu and other viruses sweep through every year and affect more than just our health.  For businesses with employees, sick time is an unavoidable reality which can drain their budgets at an alarming rate. It can also increase employee stress through covering extra workloads and potential loss of income due to illness.  The Canadian federal agency has reported that, “The flu, as well as time spent lining up for flu shots and caring for the sick, cost the country almost 30 million work hours.”

Statistics Canada stated in the January 15th Globe & Mail, “Almost one in 10 Canadian workers called in sick at some point in November because of the flu,” which the federal agency said translates to about 1.5 million workers aged 15 to 69, or 9% of the workforce, taking time off work because of the H1N1 or seasonal flu.

This unfortunate scenario; however, presents another advantage for businesses to use the services of independently contracted Virtual Workers.  With the obvious benefit of preventing inadvertent contamination in the office of a contagious illness, Virtual Workers present no health risk to coworkers; therefore, businesses can avoid losing productivity due to sick time.  Virtual Workers offer flexibility that can facilitate uninterrupted delivery of essential business services.

Eliminating issues related to commuting and the risk of spreading illness, Virtual Workers who are under the weather are generally better equipped to still do most, or even all, of their duties under circumstances that would otherwise keep an employee away from work. A virtual workforce can be a welcome safeguard to what is sometimes a costly and unhealthy yearly tradition of businesses battling the flu and its impact on productivity.

With careful planning and a thorough analysis of company and employee needs, integrating virtual workers can offer broad benefits to an organization.

The process of integrating virtual workers is unique to each company and should be approached with careful assessments and diligent planning to ensure a smooth transition for the company and its employees.

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