Virtual Workforces Are Changing Everything

Prices at the pump continue to rise despite the odd dip weakly reflecting drops in crude oil prices. Construction to solve transportation issues persistently disrupts travellers at substantial costs to tax payers. Green solutions are promoted extensively to help preserve our environment and reduce carbon emissions. Integration of virtual workers can address all three issues in one complete package.

A recent article, How the Virtual Workforce Is Changing Everything in the Linux Insider asks, “Why go to an office when you can do same thing at home?” It goes on to say, “Maintaining stores and spending time, energy and building costs all are part of the paradigm from the Industrial Age.” A growing number of companies and workers alike are embracing the idea of virtual workforces. The traditional work day continues to be re-defined as innovation and technology work together to increase efficiency and productivity.

With many businesses requiring more talent in specific areas as well as the need to manage costs by paying for work only when needed, they are beginning to acknowledge the complimentary blend of both on site employees and Virtual Workers.  As collaborative allies for overwhelmed companies or SMB’s anywhere in the world, Virtual Workers are providing IT support, project and operational management, social media marketing, writing and administration, graphic design, engineering, CFO services, and business consulting.

This is truly a win-win-win solution for corporations, workers, and our environment. Corporations benefit from the substantial reduction of employee costs, overhead for real estate as well as office furniture and other related brick and mortar expenses.

A virtual workforce reaps the benefits of fewer trips to the pump, leaving them with more money to put back into the economy in other areas.

Gridlock and carbon emissions are reduced by taking regularly commuting vehicles off the road. Through embracing this innovative workforce solution, companies can increase their marketing appeal with respect to making a positive change to help the environment & address transportation issues.

Virtual Workers gain a more family or life friendly approach to their work lives with the flexibility of working from home offices as independent contractors. As an added benefit to companies, it is generally accepted that workers with reduced stress take less time off work and are able to produce at a higher level.

Virtual workforces are gaining in popularity as an innovative solution to address economic, environmental and social issues.

We offer corporations consulting services on how to integrate Virtual Workers into their traditional corporate structures. We use our combined 5o+ years of experience to help develop and implement plans for virtual workforces offering extensive benefits to companies and their workers.

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2 Responses to “Virtual Workforces Are Changing Everything”
  1. We work with clients all over the world providing visual and creative support for powerpoint, keynote, animation, sales and pitch presentations. As long as there is access to an internet connection we can provide competitively priced services (read: no overhead) without compromising on creative. Skype enables us to hold face-to-face meetings, various IM functions allow us to have running dialogues with clients and other service providers. We maintain hands-on control of our projects and our clients needs.

  2. Del Wratten says:

    With the upsurge of social media optimization, marketing and buzz, I have the opportunity to help individuals, small business or even larger businesses with their social media campaigns. The great thing is, I am not limited to my geographical location. I can work with anyone via email, webinars and virtual connections.

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