Globe & Mail says “Jobless rate to stay high: Fed”

Think the time is here to change how we work and hire workers?

What better time than now to rethink how ‘it’s always been done’ and embrace the concept of  a virtual workforce. While North America continues to deal with the fallout from the recession, it’s apparent to me that technology and innovation hold much sought answers for workforces and companies.

Have you Googled ‘Virtual Workforce’ lately? Companies, professors and respected business executives are all talking about it. There are articles and YouTube videos covering: How does it work? How do you manage Virtual Workers? Can a virtual workforce help save companies money and people their livelihood?

It certainly takes some in-depth analysis and careful planning to implement; however, the benefits of a virtual workforce are becoming hard to ignore.

Full G&M Article:

West Coast Way Consulting Inc. can help determine if your company is a good fit for virtual workers:


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