Top 5 Tips to Become a Virtual Worker ~ Part III – 2010 Virtual Workforce Series

For students paying their way through school, those graduating with little to no work experience, or anyone else interested in the challenging virtual workforce industry, I’ve compiled a list of five important considerations.

Class of 2010 – Where Did All the Jobs Go?

Don’t ever, ever quit. Recognize that stopping now, regrouping to try a new approach isn’t quitting. If you quit, you’ll regret it forever.” ~ Rudy Ruettiger I caught a snippet from The Early Show this morning reporting on a young American graduate, with a 3.72 GPA, not able to find work in his field of … Continue reading

Change is Good … Even when it’s Bad

“Change is always happening, embrace it, be grateful for it, and enjoy it!” –Chip Esajian Change is often perceived as something to be feared or avoided as it generally involves moving out of our comfort zone. Change can cause stress, anxiety, and sometimes anger; whether it impacts our personal and/or professional lives.