What’s Important to You?

Most people struggle with life balance simply because they haven’t paid the price to decide what is really important to them. ~Stephen Covey

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, life can throw a curve ball, changing the entire direction of your life. The question is, do you go in the direction you’re supposed to or the one everyone else thinks you should?

Entrepreneurs already have a slightly altered outlook on life; we aspire towards freedom of choice, control over our time and self empowerment to plot our own course. There are those who don’t have or don’t understand the entrepreneurial mind-set; so, the challenge is to ensure that you stay true to your course regardless of outside influences. Having said that, sometimes it’s the outside influence or perspective that opens doors to the realization of what’s really important. Sometimes changes to the course you’ve spent years mapping out for yourself is just what’s needed. The key is to be sufficiently self-aware in order to recognize the need for change and then take action to plot a new or altered course.

Okay, that’s my insight for the day.

Have a great weekend!

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