West Coast Way’s Vision for Working in the 21st Century

Virtual Worker – a qualified business professional working from a remote location (usually a home-based office), providing temporary or ongoing business administration & executive support or project management services on a contract basis. Virtual Workers offer services including: office administration, project/operational management, graphic & web design, writing, research, legal secretarial, transcription, event planning, and specialized … Continue reading

Achieving Success

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. ~Dale Carnegie I just had a meeting while going for my morning run down to the race track. We ran, we walked, we talked, we brainstormed, we shared ideas and watched some beautiful horses doing their morning exercise. I love what I do … Continue reading

Virtual Workforce Tip #3 – Managing Virtual Workers

A different style of management is required in order for a virtual workforce to be effective and successful. Managing Virtual Workers An Ernst & Young partner who has been managing teams virtually for more than a decade explains how to get the best out of remote workers BusinessWeek – http://bit.ly/cavFlz

Inspirational Quote

When on the brink of complete discouragement, success is discerning that… the line between failure and success is so fine that often a single extra effort is all that is needed to bring victory out of defeat. ~Elbert Green Hubbard