Consulting Services

West Coast Way’s management team offers a good mix of common sense, business acumen and unparalleled customer service. We collaborate with you to develop a workable plan by listening to your needs and problems, gathering data, and then analysing the information in order to produce a step-by-step plan for successful virtual workforce integration.

Virtual Worker – a qualified business professional working from a remote location (usually a home-based office), providing temporary or ongoing business administration & executive support or project management services on a contract basis. Virtual Workers offer services that range from general office administration through specialized CFO & CEO services to SMB’s.

reasons for virtual worker integration

  1. Cost effective
  2. Improves worker efficiency
  3. Flexibility
  4. Reduces corporate carbon footprint
  5. Retain Baby Boomer expertise

What is a Virtual Worker Strategy? It is a custom plan developed to help your company lower overhead costs, address changing and fluctuating business support services needs while demonstrating innovative & environmentally sound business practices to your customers. This is accomplished by using independently contracted virtual workers who perform their tasks from remote locations.

A virtual worker can provide a company with a variety of business services. They can provide the business support services you need ONLY when required, for as long and as often as needed.

Our experience spans the business, government and industry sectors, and we know about the benefits of using a virtual workforce, because we have run our company that way for years.

West Coast Way‘s Eco-Conscious Effort – A virtual workforce helps reduce carbon emissions. Find out more on how to calculate your carbon footprint.

Health Canada pegs the cost to business at $4.5-$10 billion a year to pay for temporary replacement workers, increased benefits for absent employees and training replacements.

Source: Health Canada


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