Integration Process Explained

reasons for virtual worker integration

  1. Cost effective
  2. Improves worker efficiency
  3. Flexibility
  4. Reduces corporate carbon footprint
  5. Retain Baby Boomer expertise

Our Services

systematic approach

West Coast Way takes a systematic approach when working with companies to help facilitate the integration of virtual workers into the corporate structure.

Together we develop checklists, timelines and action plans that will help clients understand their needs, strengths and the areas where the company may improve its productivity and efficiency, through the integration of virtual workers.

“Implementing a … [virtual worker] program may seem like a lot of extra hassle, but the benefits include significant savings on real estate, a competitive advantage when hiring and even improved managerial performance.”

Source: Canadian Business magazine


We review the motivation for taking a less traditional approach to business services, and confirm the viability for virtual workforce integration.

Our consultant’s range of unique experience and the flexibility of how we work in a virtual world qualify us to ask clients the right questions so that we can identify and understand their needs.

We perform a systematic review of the current organization, such as products, services, systems, processes, job descriptions, and goals.


The analysis will help clearly define the opportunities and clarify the company’s goals.

We analyze individual corporate structures and priorities to develop the most effective integration plan to help guide companies through the process.

examples of the analysis results may include:

  • Identify ‘islands of automation.’ For example, data created on one computer is delivered in hard copy to other departments, where the data is re-entered into other systems.
  • Generate a process map. Individual activities with a commonality of purpose are identified.
  • Identify activities that can be performed by using a virtual workforce.
  • Review of the business profile, and current business activity including the business plan.
  • Perform a daily, weekly and monthly activity audit to identify recurring activities and monitor their frequency.
  • Review staff education, experience and interests.
  • Analyze existing technology to establish an existing baseline.

“… employers introduce flexible work arrangements to induce overwhelmed or stressed workers to stay. By finding a way … to do their job and lower their stress, companies keep valued, experienced people …”

Source: Vancouver Sun


Understanding the company’s needs, requirements and objectives provides an understanding of the company’s problems.

We review the scope of work and define the deliverables. The intricacies of company morale, communication, management strategies, and existing systems and processes are an essential component to successful virtual workforce integration.

We analyze the current organizational structure to identify activities suitable for the integration of virtual workers. Our process evaluates the company’s immediate and longer-term goals, in order to develop sustainable solutions.

interim report

If deemed necessary, we can produce an interim report with preliminary recommendations based on initial research, analysis and evaluation.

We can meet with the client to review the results to date, and identify possible unresolved or new issues.


We generate the final report, integrating all feedback and information received, and present the report to the client.

The report contains an in-depth analysis of the company’s current organizational structure, systems and processes, and the identification of tasks (vs. jobs) that are well suited to the virtual worker.


As part of its full service approach, West Coast Way offers ongoing assistance to facilitate the implementation of our recommendations.

This follow-up service provides clients with access to continued support, guidance, consulting advice and strategies to assist in the virtual integration process.

Please contact us to enquire about these services and to receive specific information about the follow-up meeting packages available.


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