Virtual Workforce Integration Benefits

At West Coast Way, we work in a virtual world while maintaining a personal connection to our clients, communities and virtual workers. We are passionate about the benefits of virtual integration for companies, their workers, and the communities in which they live.

there is something special about living the west coast lifestyle

We take a balanced approach to work and play. We’re friendly, flexible, adaptable, and innovative. We listen.


a company’s virtual workforce can:

reduce overall costs.

This includes personnel costs (source deductions, training, vacation/sick days, pension, benefits package, long-term disability, parking), associated overhead costs such as equipment, desks and office space.

help to manage workloads.

Virtual workers are a flexible resource that can be used as and when required to help manage peaks and valleys of demand.

reduce the impact of absenteeism.

With varying reasons for absentee workers, a virtual workforce provides maximum flexibility to ensure ongoing work. Tasks can also be more readily transferred to alternate virtual resources as required.

retain critical baby-boomer expertise.

As Boomers retire, they can continue to provide virtual workforce services allowing the company to retain access to this irreplaceable resource of experience and expertise.

reduce the company’s environmental impact.

Fewer workers commuting equals less fuel consumption, a reduction in carbon emissions, fewer parking stalls, less office space, supplies and lower utility use. Visit Carbon Zero to check your carbon footprint.

“Restarting economic growth this time around will require a new social and economic framework that is in line with the new idea-driven economy….The way out of the current crisis involves creating the social and economic conditions within which the new system can evolve.”

Source: Globe and Mail

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the benefits to your company.


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