Workforce Services West Coast Way Consulting Inc.Welcome to Virtual Workforce

Working with West Coast Way Virtual Workforce provides clients access to the services of an entire team of highly qualified, genuinely enthusiastic virtual workers, each with extensive experience. West Coast Way’s virtual workers offer a number of transferable creative, analytical and technical skills. As client’s workforce needs evolve, the West Coast Way Virtual Workforce can offer flexibility during these times.

For the employer, a work-from-home arrangement may increase … productivity, reduce expenses for work space, improve recruitment and retention … and reduce absenteeism.” Source: Statistics Canada

West Coast Way Virtual Workforce helps to bring large company solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Outsourcing is not a new concept. More often, it is seen as the privilege of larger companies. Small to medium business owners generally do not have the resources to outsource core processes on the large-scale needed for it to be worth while.

benefits of a virtual workforce

  • Cost savings
  • Greater flexibility with workload requirements
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Innovative business practices
  • Accessibility to workforce with diverse expertise

We invite you to learn more about West Coast Way Virtual Workforce and the way we do business: Collaboratively. Virtually. Seriously. The West Coast Way.

West Coast Way‘s Eco-Conscious Effort – A virtual workforce helps reduce carbon emissions. Find out more on how to calculate your carbon footprint.

Your West Coast Way Senior Account Manager and the team of highly qualified virtual workers provides top quality support to clients. Their varied experience enables West Coast Way to offer an extensive range of services.

You have come through for us in a big way and saved the day. You are worth your weight in Gold. Thanks for taking such good care of us (me)

Gordon Skillen, Executive Director
The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada


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