What We Offer

What We Offer

At West Coast Way, our account managers work directly with our clients. This unique methodology ensures that as the client’s needs change depending on the type of resources required, we offer continuity even though the virtual workforce may change.

Your virtual workforce eliminates the need to provide office space, equipment, computer hardware/software, office furniture, or a phone. Our clients pay only for time spent working. The Virtual Worker is an independent contractor and the client is not responsible for source deductions, vacation pay, sick pay, or benefits

Typical Services of the West Coast Way Virtual Workforce

Operational & Project Management

Operational Management: Managing the processes to produce and distribute products and services

Project Management: Planning, organizing and managing resources to complete a project

Project Co-ordination: Coordination of project timelines, action plans and meetings, etc.

Time Management: Effective time management services, plans and coordination

CEO & CFO Business Services: Providing SMB’s with the benefit of CEO & CFO input as needed

Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising

Writing: All writing services, including creative, business, technical and copywriting; editing

Newsletters & Ezines: Writing, editing, producing and distributing

Marketing & Advertising: Coordination and administration of marketing products and services

Audio Editing: Commercials, audio books, speeches, etc.

Websites: Development, maintenance and hosting

Blogs & other Social Media Sites: Writing and maintenance

Website Management & Support

Website Management & Support: Design and manage websites, site maintenance and hosting

Search Engine Optimization: Website and social media

“I have always been impressed with West Coast Way’s professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile. They meet all timelines and produce accurate professional looking materials. … West Coast Way makes suggestions for improvements and is up to date on the latest ways of doing things.” Gwen Anholt, Partner, Greenfield Partners

Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Design corporate communications packages, including logos, letterheads and business cards, marketing and advertising material

Writing: All writing services, including creative, business, technical and copywriting; editing

Newsletters & Ezines: Writing, editing, producing and distributing


Writing: All writing services, including creative, business, technical and copywriting/creative services; editing

Proofreading & Editing: For all writing, marketing and advertising services

Newsletters & Ezines: Writing, editing, producing and distributing


Research, Analysis & Reporting: Preparing reports, educational texts and presentation papers

Client & Customer Relations

Client/Customer Relations & Liaison: Carrying out business level communication with clients and customers to formally record information, including complaints

“… They developed and implemented many new ideas that are already showing their production benefits. I would highly recommend West Coast Way Virtual Workforce.”Barry Brown, Broker Owner/Realtor, RE/MAX Castlegar

Virtual Office Administration

Virtual Office Administration: All administrative duties for business and real estate

Client Support Services: Marketing and administrative support for the real estate industry

Maximizer: Contact management software

Specialized Member-only Systems: Complete integration and management of member only software sales and information systems

Transcription Services: Meetings, speeches, presentations, books, etc.

Real Estate Support Services – Top Producer 7i & 8i: Real estate marketing software and web sites


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